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Facebook ad optimization

Facebook ad optimization- Strategy, Tips, and more

If you are aiming at the maximum reach of your advertisements to your target audience, you must be aware of Facebook ad optimization and how you can derive the maximum benefit from the same.

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions – Explore Your Options

LinkedIn is one of the better platforms for building a strong network for your business especially if you are involved in B2B marketing. As such, most of the business entities are turning to

No-follow link

No-Follow Links- Everything You Need To Know About It

Link building is an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO). Links help search engine bots to understand the relationship between websites

AI Council- WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin – Ninja Forms is highly vulnerable

Ninja Forms is a free form builder WordPress plugin. Users can create beautifully functional forms using this plugin. It requires no extra coding skills.

AI Council Blog- Discord

Discord: Domain for Cybercrime

Since the pandemic started, online service of all kind has gained popularity. People turned to the internet for school and work-related stuff, play games, party virtually, and engage in all sorts of other activities.

AI Council Blog- Phishing Attacks

Agencies Warn Regarding New Phishing Attacks

Cybercriminals are adopting new techniques to maximize phishing emails on a greater scale. Recently, various tech companies and agencies issued warnings regarding ongoing phishing scams

AI Council Blog- Telegram Unsafe

Is Telegram Unsafe?

Cybersecurity researchers discover some potential vulnerabilities in the Telegram messaging app. This flaw can expose user’s photos, messages, videos …

AI Council- Spam call

Customers lost money due to fraudulent calls in 2020

Since the time pandemic has hit, there is increased reliability on phone and voice calls. Hiya report states that during the last year voice traffic went up by 184% compared …

AI Council Blog- Web Cam


A San Francisco based security researcher finds and exposes the database of Adorcam. It is a leading webcam service provider. He finds out large amount of data leak. 

AI Council Blog-Health Data in Danger


A detailed inspection and examination of the 30 most widely used mobile health management applications (mHealth) were performed. 

AI Council Blog-Valentine Day Threat

Valentine’s Day serves as Great Opportunity to Cybercriminals

Celebrations like Valentine’s Day serve as golden opportunities for the cybercriminals. According to the Checkpoint Research, more than 1600 malicious emails operations were found in January.

AI Council- Ransomware Threat

Ransomware Gangs & Their Threat at Its Peak

Ransomware gangs have created ruckus worldwide. The attacks have increased to 300% compared to 2019. Now, these gangs are gradually picking up on extortion techniques.

AI Council Blog- Social Media

Impact of Social Media Threats in Today’s World- How Safe is Social Media Platform?

Social media has witnessed a rise of about 92.76% in its userbase in the last five years. The year 2019 saw 3.48 billion users and 2020 3.96 billion users. This marks an increase of 10.9%. Social media has become an integral part of our lives.

AI Council-Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attacks – a full-fledged enterprise

Blockchain analysis by Chainalysis presents that the amount paid by victims attacked by ransomware that got an increase of 311% in the year 2020.

Google-the search giant spends more than $6.7 million in rewards

Around $6.7 million were paid last year by Google to more than 600 security professionals across 62 countries for finding and reporting bugs in its products. The highest reward of $132,500 was given.

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) partnered with the Department of Defense Digital Service (DDS) and Synack, to examine the implementation of security prototype developed through the DARPA System Security Integration Through Hardware (SSITH) program.

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Retail Sector-A Major Target of Cybercriminals

The retail sector is the major target of cybercriminals. It is highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. The risk of cyberattacks is increasing all around the globe and across all fields but retailers have become the consistent unwanted victims of this attack.

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OSCORP—a new Android Malware

Oscorp a new android malware recently got identified by Italy’s CERTAGID experts. This malware hides in the APK(Android Application Package) and then attacks the user’s data. It tricks the user to grant access to the Android Accessibility Service.

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Babuk Locker- The Newest Ransomware

The New Year greets us with its latest ransomware, Babuk Locker.
The ransomware has already attacked five different organizations globally
and has earned the honor of the first latest enterprise ransomware of 2021.
The attackers of Babuk Locker are targeting corporate networks mostly.

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TrickBot made its comeback- with Malware Attacks and Fresh Phishing

TrickBot was developed in 2016 as a banking Trojan. Trickbot has evolved a lot since then. It has become a highly popular form of malware among cybercriminals, major reasons being its modular nature which allows us to make use of it for various attacks.

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The Threat to WordPress Sites- Pirated themes and Plugins

According to Wordfence, pirated themes and plugins were the most common source of malware infections on WordPress sites in 2020. The security firm said its malware scanner detected more than 70 million malicious files on more than 1.2 million WordPress sites in 2020

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10% Increase in Cybersecurity Investment expected in 2020

The wave of digital transformation has taken over all businesses,
companies, and organizations. Incorporating artificial intelligence into service organizations is an integral illustration of the potential of digital

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Fighting the Rapid Rise of Cyber Warfare in a Changing World

Cyber-warfare involves the use of technology to commit digital crimes. It includes disrupting major information networks or causing harm to important computer systems. It also includes the threat of viruses.

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OSINT is a method of collection of data that is available publicly either offline or online. It includes information available on the internet, research, mass media, photos or geospatial information.


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Cyber Security Blog

Expert Opinion on Growing Cyber Threat and its Measure: Delving Deep into Microsoft President’s Speech

During delivering the keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, Brad Smith, who happens to be the president of Microsoft, categorically cautioned regarding the hike in the rates of the latest cyber threats.

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