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The AI Council is an expert committee of ardent and dedicated members who are driven to provide expert advice. They intend to offer planned, organized, and collaborative leadership for industry-based learning. AI Council imparts a comprehensive and integrated approach transferring knowledge via hands-on workshop and learning conferences on various verticles like Cyber Security, AI & ML, Start Ups,  Digital Marketing, and Robotics. AI Council is focused on its endeavour to make learning more futuristic and advanced.

We have a team of world class professionals, who provide training and knowledge keeping themselves ahead of the trend, so that the fruit of the knowledge could be successfully utilized across all digital niches. Our carefully designed programs try to bring out the best in this field. The scope of applied knowledge and a tiny little step forward can bring massive changes to the AI community. We have taken our small step.



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Participate & learn aspects of digital marketing and advertising from recognized industry experts at an affordable price.


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We offer you a wide range of courses under domains such as ethical hacking, AI &v ML, entrepreneurship, robotics, app development, and many more.


AI Council Associates comprise organizing committee members, instructors, and experts from premier MNC's (Google, IBM, HP, Wipro) & Government Body (NASA).

Darold Kelly Jr.

Darold kelly Jr

Cyber Security Engineer
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Mr. Alan Sizemore

Mr. Alan Sizemore

Ex Chief Information Security Officer
Wipro, IBM, HP, Accenture

Paul Ulasien

Paul Ulasien

International Professional Consultant / Trainer /Author




The learning conference on Future of Advertising organized by AI Council was one of the most detailed and practical conferences I have attended. The conference taught me how AI has influenced advertising technologies.

Daryle Sargent



AI Council organized a learning conference on SEO and SEM. It was the most detailed and informative conferences that I have attended.

Pamela Toler



I have attended the learning conference on Strategy for Growth by AI Council. I had the most amazing experience in learning, and the speakers were very helpful and were more than eager to answer our questions.

Christopher Russell



The live learning conference on Content Marketing organized by AI Council provided a very helpful and learning environment. My fellow attendees as well as the organizer were very helpful and helped me to clear all my doubts.

Nicole O. Nelson



AI Council organized a learning conference on Advertising Agencies, attending which made my concepts very much clear. The reason for this is that the conference was highly informative and interactive.

Jenny Brewer


Skill-based learning to continue our mission to protect & defend

Artificial Intelligence represents several backend as well as front end challenges. It requires quick and continuous responses from every corner of the world. The standard protocols that are to be followed have been spread over 160 countries. They are supported and enforced globally by several bodies which help in the seamless functioning of AI. However, we at AI Council aim to do this by providing clarity to our clients while abiding by international protocols. Standards that are created by present international standards bodies, can support the global governance of AI development. International standards are being met and full attention is being given to those areas which require so. However, we cannot make a system foolproof as socio-technical issues are at the helm of any technological innovation. From hacking to cyberbullying, our organization aims to combat all those problems with superior technology. Environmental safety standards have been upgraded and the newest systems aim at minimum emission and lesser social costs.